Hello, my name is Merrisha

Life, Career & Leadership Coach

As I hit 40, something really seemed to change, and I can finally say I am finally starting to understand who I am and what I want out of life, but I also remember what it is like not having this clarity. I’ve always been inquisitive (or nosy as referred to by the unaware), naturally curious to know how things work, especially people. I’ve had a successful career in the NHS for nearly 20 years, which has connected with my values of helping others. This has also given me great opportunities to work with and get the best out of people, seeing some amazing transformations along the way.

Embarking on my own journey of change (i.e. a late quarter life crisis), led me in the direction of studying Psychology...first a Post Grad Certificate, then Masters and then onto a Doctorate …but life happened, and the Doctorate route took a detour. Nearly 10 years ago I qualified and started working as a coach and more recently delved into NLP Practitioner training, and was hooked. In addition I am also qualified as a Time Line Therapist and Hypnotherapist, am an Associate Member with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and I’m fully insured.

Setting up as a coach, is for me, a natural progression from everything that has held meaning in my life. I coach, simply put, because I love it. There is nothing more energising than seeing somebody walk through the door frustrated, walking out with a new found awareness of what needs to be different. I have worked with a wide range of people across levels and sectors, and hope I can add you to the list of people that I am committed to working with.

I could tell you how coaching has transformed my work and personal life, particularly when I’ve felt 'stuck'. I could also tell you how coaching helped me rediscover who I am after becoming a mother. However, I want you to experience the benefits for yourself. My approach is simple – being authentically me will enable me to help you reconnect with the authentic you.

Coaching is one aspect of my life. Hailing from Birmingham, I am a straight talking kinda girl, an ESFJ who loves being around people (mostly), a mother who loves nothing more than being mum, but I also love 'me' time which enables me to pursue my many passions. Often found lurking in the weights section of the gym, I am a newbie runner, find peace in the ocean, love new food and love the spontaneity of getting lost and seeing what I discover.